. ClassicEmbroideries New 4D Design Creator & Pfaff Feet Tutorials

23 Sep

Hi everyone,

Carolyn Duncan has a new Quilting DVD Tutorial for 4D Design Creator. This
tutorial runs for more than 2 hours and has step-by-step demonstrations on
creating quilt designs, using the grid and a frame to divide the grid,
making stops, setting up your machine up for free motion quilting, using
large quilters hoops and making endless designs with just a few clicks of
the mouse. A collection of over 40 quilt designs are also included on the

Jo Strong of 1800 Sew Help Me has re-released her popular Put Your Best
Foot Forward DVD tutorial as a convenient downloadable ebook. Jo’s
Favorite Pfaff Feet Tutorial is a 23 page document in pdf format,
available for immediate download.

Read what Jo has to say about the many standard and optional accessory
feet available for Pfaff machines. Which one does what and do you need
them all? Are they "one trick wonders" or can they make life easier?

Some feet have more than one application which Jo describes in detail to
open you up to some new ideas. Try some of Jo’s fantastic tips and learn
to love your fancy feet! Learn all about Pfaff’s Feet so you can put your
best creative foot forward.

The Team at Secrets of Embroidery
Over 600 design sets just $1 each in our September Treasure Hunt!

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